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tutti cuti

jeli deli

Cotton Zoo
Swanky Modes
Atomic Babes
Squeeze the Juice
Flux Deluxe

Santoro are brand creators, designers and publishers who have created a wide variety of brands including Tutti Cuti™, Jeli.Deli™, Stickmen™, Swanky Modes™, Flux Deluxe™ and Swing Cards®. Founded in 1983 by Art Directors Lucio and Meera Santoro, today the company has a strong international reputation with offices in London and Yorkshire in the UK, appointed overseas offices in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia and distribution in over 50 countries.

Santoro’s high-quality products and innovative style has been acclaimed through 28 design awards to date including GCA Louie Awards, Art Directors Award, International Card of the Year, Gift of the Year and the prestigious Licensing Industry Award for Brand of the Year.

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