Paper Engineering
The Paper Engineers at Santoro London bring designs to life by creating intricate moving 3D works of art. They continue to enchant their customers and clients with interactive and innovative techniques which never fail to impress.

The multi-award winning range of dynamic 3D, interactive cards come ready assembled with a space for your own personalised message. Not only do they open out to form incredible 3D shapes, but each card is also made up of a number of moving parts that allow the objects in the centre to swing back and forth. So click here for the cards where ships really sail, big wheels really spin and planes really fly!

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Pop up books

Santoro London’s Paper Engineering Pop-up books
Wild Oceans | Predators | Journey to the Moon.
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Popnrock™ are the latest 3D, pop-up originals from Santoro London's paper engineering division – and are set to rock the world! With a gentle tap the pop-up rocks from side to side whilst the small moving parts sway in harmony with the motion.
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What are Swing cards? Read all about the uniqueness of 3d cards Popnrock - The rocking 3D pop up cards from Santoro! Read more about these pop up books. Your business message can also come to life  an inventive and imaginative break from the normal corporate marketing strategies. Be the first to know about what are available in the market? Who are Santoro? Read more about paperengineering awards Go to the Paper Engineering home page! Click here to go to the Santoro entertainment we site Buy all your favourite 3D pop up cards, books in Santoro Shop Need more information? Click here to send an email to Santoro Paper Engineering