Wild Oceans popup book

Wild Oceans popup book Wild Oceans popup book Wild Oceans popup book Wild Oceans popup book Wild Oceans popup book


The thebookbag.co.uk said....

Hold onto your seats! We are off on an incredible journey as we open this wonderful pop-up book which is one of the best I have ever seen. I have always been amazed by these miniature pieces of artwork, and these are all really well constructed.

Each page contains a large pop up vehicle taking you up in the sky, under the sea and even to the moon. A beautifully coloured, cut and crafted series of sets take the young viewer on a magical journey via train, boat and plane and on into space.

The book provides interactive and practical experience for the age group it is designed for, but the vocabulary, size and layout of the text may be difficult for some 4 to 8 year olds to read. However, it provides a very good stimulus for oral discussion with an adult or for peer discussion. Each tableau contains intricate elements to intrigue and fascinate not only the age group for which it is intended, but older children and adults as well. Every stage of the journey contains additional surprise features tucked away for children to discover.

The drawing and design combined with sophisticated card engineering ensure that each stage of the journey is absorbing and delightful together with a strong sense of discovery of each feature as the story unfolds. The scenes are direct and simple and are intended to act as a series of stage sets onto which the audience and their narrator can project their own story, interpreting the characters and features in any way they wish.

It is a robust book and easy to handle even for a child and it isn't one of those books which Mummy has to hang on to in case it gets damaged. Do as I did and put the open book on a table and get down to see it at eyelevel - it gives a whole new perspective.

It's well worth the price and both children and adults will thoroughly enjoy the journey. Like all good ideas this production is a simple one. Imaginatively designed, it's skilfully constructed to provide hours of creative fun.

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Wild Oceans

Journey down into a mysterious underwater world where 3-D pop-ups swing off the page, bringing to life whales, dolphins, anglerfish, and more! Filled with stunning, movable art and interesting facts about various oceanic zones—including coral reefs, the frozen sea, and the deep sea—Wild Oceans takes readers on an interactive and imaginative journey deep beneath the surface of the ocean's untamed waters.

This vibrant pop-up book explores the vast world of ocean biology from tide pools to deepest depths. Flaps, sidebars, and panels describe the characteristics of specific animals ("Sea stars use hundreds of tiny suction cups to eat, move, and cling to rocks"), and each spread features pull-down panels, which focus on topics like bioluminescence. Large 3-D compositions--a splashing blue whale, a toothy purple anglerfish, a leopard seal--leap off the richly layered pages, representing the abundant diversity of the sea. A visually dynamic book that seamlessly blends education and entertainment.


Amazon said....

Here's a pop-up that understands what the concept is all about. Using the ocean as their milieu, the Santoros (pop-up creators of Journey to the Moon, 2007, and Predators, 2008) provide solid information along with amazing visuals. Beginning with a 3-D re-creation of a tide pool, the book then moves to the open sea, where a whale rises out of the pages. An explanation of light zones underwater is illustrated by an anglerfish that lives 3,000 feet below the water's surface. Views of a coral reef and life in the frozen sea complete the treatment.

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The CurledupKids.com said....

Here's an outstanding pop-up book with breathtaking paper engineering that takes the young reader on a 3-D voyage underwater to see whales, dolphins, anglerfish and a host of other marine creatures.

The stunning movable art is accompanied by interesting facts about the various ocean zones - coral reef, tide pools, etc. - and will make your child want to learn more about marine habitats.

The only reservation I have about this book is that it is so complex that you will want to look at it with your child rather than let him or her page through it alone. Why? I am not convinced that it will stand up it rough handling, and this is too nice a book to ruin.

A note to pop-up collectors: the Santoros have won their fair share of international awards for their paper engineering. This is one of their best efforts, so purchase it when you can. This has "classic" written all over it!

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