Wild Oceans
Journey into the mysterious world under the sea as 3-D pop-ups swing off the page, bringing to life whales, dolphins, angler fish, and much more! Filled with stunning art and interesting facts about various oceanic zones such as coral reefs, the frozen sea, the deep sea, and much more. Lucio and Meera Santoro take readers on an interactive and imaginative journey deep beneath the surface of the blue sea!

Predators pop-up book


Get up close and personal with some of the world's most terrifying and dangerous predators!

Following the success of Santoro’s first title Journey to the Moon this amazing NEW 3-D pop-up book uses revolutionary paper engineering technology to bring to life spiders, polar bears, and crocodiles, and more!
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Journey to the moon pop-up book

Journey to the Moon
Now available in 6 different languages.

Come along on a memorable journey with this incredible, unmissable first title from Santoro.  This is a unique pop-up that will delight and excite, taking its readers on an interactive journey that truly reaches for the stars...
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Santoro London’s Paper Engineering Studio is proud to present their first pop up book – Journey to the Moon.

Inspired by the technology perfected in Santoro’s Swing cards, this beautiful pop up book appeals to all ages- readers and collectors alike. This well written story takes the reader on an interactive journey, exploring different modes of transport until the adventure leads them all the way to the moon. Each page opens to reveal a detailed 3D work of art, brought to life by the intricate moving parts that Santoro’s Paper Engineering is so famous for.

Journey to the Moon is a unique pop-up roaring, soaring ride that will delight and excite.

Santoro are currently working on their third pop-up book. Watch this space for future details.


An Incredible Santoro Swing Pop-up

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a train, an airplane, a boat, a car, and a rocket ship...all in the same day? Jump aboard each vehicle, and let your imagination run wild as you soar through fluffy clouds, sail through deep blue oceans, and finally zoom off to the moon in a rocket! With amazing 3-D pop-ups that swing out of the page and fun read-aloud, rhythmic text, this is one voyage you won't forget!
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