Friday 1st May

Had a great time today! Lara's older brother Tom was home from University for the Spring break and he has the most amazing little speed boat which he took Lara and me out for a spin in. We went sooo fast and it felt like we were jumping over the waves! We stopped off at a little secret cove with a beautiful untouched beach and had a picnic for lunch.

Apparently only a few locals know about the cove so I was really privileged to get the chance to go there. I collected some pretty shells to make into a necklace and Tom even let me have a go at driving the boat for a few minutes on the way back. It was so exciting...but my Dad would FREAK out if he knew that!! OOh and Abbie texted me to remind me that there's now only 2 WEEKS until our new album BRIGHT COLOURS is launched!!! Yipeee!!

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